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10 Corso Como (Milan) : the first concept store

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  • 2020.06.25
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The store that the term “concept store” was first coined for, 10 Corso Como describes itself as a “multifunctional space, a meeting place, union of culture and commerce”. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, 10 Corso Como’s1200sqm of space incorporates a bookshop, gallery, store, café/restaurant, and three room hotel. Customers can shop for fashion, art, food, music, design and more across the beautifully designed interwoven spaces, and enjoy a break in the rooftop garden. Read more:

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10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como is a shopping and dining complex in Milan, Italy. It combines outlets that show and sell works of art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture. It was founded in 1990 by gallerist and publisher Carla Sozzani.


Sozzani was born in Mantua in 1947. She obtained a degree in Economy at Bocconi University in Milan. While attending University in the late 1960s/early 1970s, she began working as an editor for several Italian fashion magazines.


The complex began with an art gallery and a bookshop. Other spaces soon followed: a design and fashion store in 1991, the 10 Corso Como Cafè in 1998, a small hotel (with only three rooms) in 2003, and the Roof Garden in 2009.

10 Corso Como and the 10 Corso Como logo are designed by American artist Kris Ruhs.


In 2002, 10 Corso Como opened in Tokyo in partnership with Comme des Garçons, designed by Rei Kawakubo and Kris Ruhs.


In 2008, 10 Corso Como opened in Seoul in partnership with Samsung Cheil, Samsung Group, designed by Kris Ruhs.


On 9 September 2011, 10 Corso Como celebrated its 20-year anniversary. On 31 March 2012, 10 Corso Como opened its second location in Seoul - 10 Corso Como at Avenue L, also designed by Kris Ruhs.


10 Corso Como Shanghai, designed by kris Ruhs, opened on 14 September 2013 at 1717 Nanjing West Road at Wheelock Square.

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