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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

  • J John R
  • 2020.06.19
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Infant Optics is the #1 selling Baby Monitor brand in the U.S.

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AMERICA’S #1 BRAND Infant Optics is the #1 selling Baby Monitor brand in the U.S.

The NPD Group, Inc.,U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Baby Monitors excluding Audio Only, based on dollar sales, 12 months ending Feb 2020


The balance between size & weight VS technical performance is perfect for caregivers at home. No large batteries to power energy-hungry large screens.



The DXR-8 is fine tuned and refined over years of iteration from feedback of real users, backed by vigorous testing and quality control.


World's First Interchangeable Lens System

Customize your viewing angle and zoom with the world's first ever baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens capabilities. The optical lenses mount on the camera in seconds and must be manually inserted into the camera unit.

Total Vision Control

The monitor allows 'Total Vision Control' of your baby's whereabouts and actions. The DXR-8's new original lens technology lets you customize your camera in just seconds by switching the different lens options.

Zoom Optical Lens is perfect for intimate viewing of your newborn while sleeping. This zoom effect is different from digital zoom and is more effective because the digital zoom deteriorates resolution. Placement of the camera is not as much of a concern since the optical zoom lens can be far away and still have image clarity.

Wide Angle Lens (sold separately) will display the entire room, with a 170 degree panoramic view. This view is best used for toddlers and active babies.

Remote-Controlled Camera

The camera lets you pan and tilt in the direction of your baby without bothering your little one. The display monitor allows you to have complete remote control of the camera.

3.5" Color LCD Screen with Night Vision & Sound-Activated LED & Temperature Indicator

The monitor’s 3.5” color LCD screen has a very clear resolution with an infrared night vision feature than turns on automatically. The display unit shows real-time sound and video coming from your baby’s room so you are aware of the most recent activity as its happening. It also has a room temperature indicator as well as a sound-activated LED display. When the volume is down, LEDs signal the sound level coming from your baby’s room on the display unit.

2.4GHz FHSS Communication with Data Encryption & Talk-Back

2.4GHz FHSS provides reliable and clear transmission. It also has built-in data encryption for more security. The Talk-Back option lets you communicate through a two-way audio system. A retractable antenna gives you a 700 foot range in good conditions.

Added Safety Features

DXR-8 has quick-key brightness and volume controls, out-of range warning, alarm function, battery power indicator, and low battery warning.

Additional Camera Option

Have up to 4 cameras for 1 display unit. The DXR-8 works as surveillance camera, operating multiple cameras through continuous 12-second video intervals. This ‘scan mode’ will automatically run through the cycle of each camera’s view.

Infant Optics DXR-8 - Editor review

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is optimal for the type of parent who takes value in their personal electronic devices. This monitor is a costly investment, however, the investment is well worth it. The innovative technology with the "world's first ever interchangeable optical lens" lets users customize their viewing options and see their baby in all different angles. The wide angle lens is sold separately which might effect a parent's ability to see the entirety of the room if the additional purchase is not made. The device has a relatively long lifetime with over 10 hours of standbay. The DXR-8 baby monitor is a costly investment but could be worth it if you are looking for a professional camera view to ensure dependability of monitoring your child's safety.

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